Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. It’s been a crazy few weeks, as I just started writing in a brand new novel project, which takes place during the Kennedy years. It’s a lot different than any of my previous books, so I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants a bit (I believe they call it “panstering” in the writing world). But it has been quite… Read More

I actually noticed the monument as soon as we entered the graveyard at Chattanooga. “Look,” I pointed it out to my husband. “That stone has a train on it!” Indeed, a shiny, brass locomotive sat on top of one of the big graveyard stones, standing front and center of the place. Hard to miss, really. Yet it wasn’t until several minutes later, when we were actually preparing to leave the cemetery, that… Read More

Query Letter. I don’t think there are any two words more frightening for an author. I spent years trembling before the power of these two words, and the knowledge that “query letter” was essentially my only gateway into the world of traditional publishing. It was my one-page shot, my one chance, to ram my toe in the door of this seemingly impossible-to-break-into industry. If I wanted to see my book on store… Read More

It’s a thing, I’m telling you. All along Route 66, from Chicago to LA, you will find it. Charming small towns, unique souvenir hunting, memorable stops, and… car art. Old cars that have outlived their usefulness on the road, that have rusted away to nothing but a hollowed-out hulk, but they still have that potent mix of charm and nostalgia. They can still draw crowds, and they still have something to give…. Read More

I was only somewhat familiar with the Battle of Glorieta Pass at the time we visited the park there. Because it barely gets a passing mention in the many, many, many books I have read on the American Civil War. And there have only been a couple volumes dedicated to this more obscure battle in the far west. All said, I at least knew there was a fight there, but I would… Read More

There’s something very unsettling to me about meteors. While most of them are harmless, burning up into crumbs when they pass through earth’s atmosphere, a rare few of them are not. A rare few of them, you could say, pack a knock-out punch. I think most experts agree now that a meteor and its ensuing chaos was largely responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs and most life on earth at that time…. Read More

Have you seen the news? Despite all the craziness going on around the world, what with wars, climate changes, and pandemics, M&Ms somehow managed to snag a fair share of headlines lately. That’s right – M&Ms.  The candy that’s been around so long, and that has become so familiar on store shelves, that we don’t usually think twice about them. Unless you’re me. I think twice about them. I think about them… Read More

Hi everyone! It’s your friendly history enthusiast dropping in here to say hello. I thought I’d check in because you might have noticed I’ve been largely absent over the last couple months. Things in M.B. Henry world have been a little overwhelming lately. Perhaps the biggest update is that I decided to really step outside of my comfort zone and direct a play alongside my husband (learn more about that below). It… Read More

A new year, a new series for my blog. One that’s quite different from my general tone, but one that rests pretty close to my heart. Because a writer’s life isn’t easy. There’s so much to learn and figure out, and it can take months or even years (not to mention a lot of money) to do that. While I’ve considered myself a writer for most of my life, I didn’t start… Read More

What a year for books! And I don’t just mean the release of my own, which believe me, it was a real whirlwind (click here to learn more about that). There were the book signings, the zoom-in book clubs, and the book release parties – the sales, the marketing, the social media. It was a lot to learn and sometimes, it was a real interesting experience trying to stay afloat! But through… Read More