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    • Thank you! There was lots of beauty around it would be hard to get ugly pictures

  1. I enjoyed the images sharing of history. Well done. Just imagine all the events taking place here years ago. Now – because of the sacrifices of so many there is peace on these shores without the constant battering of the machine guns and shells taking life and limb. Thanks for sharing

    • So glad you enjoyed the pictures. I’ve visited a lot of battlefields and it always amazes me how peaceful of places they are now. It’s very moving and humbling to take in. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

  2. Oh my goodness, M.B.! It looks like you had an epic adventure! I can’t wait to spend time with all these beautiful photos. I really love the cathedral ones in this set, although all of them look amazing.

    • It was a very powerful and moving trip on many levels. Yes the cathedrals were amazing!!! So big! One of them had the pipe organ going and it took my breath away. So glad you are enjoying the photos.

      • I am just so amazing at how old and grand and majestic buildings are in other countries. The U.S. is cool, but our buildings usually don’t come with such the weight of history.

      • Agreed. I also feel like the US is more interested in building up places instead of preservation. Therefore a lot of old buildings get knocked down.

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