Overland Campaign Photos

The Overland Campaign, the first big face-off between Generals Grant and Lee, opened on May 5th of 1864 when the first shots of the Battle of the Wilderness were fired. The campaign was considered closed after the Battle of Cold Harbor, when the two forces settled down into siege warfare at Petersburg. The Overland was one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Civil War. Both sides moved from the big battle and retreat format to constant fighting and trench warfare. It was a harrowing glimpse into the stalemate that would become World War I a few generations later.

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  1. We visited Spotsylvania a couple of years ago during a drive through Virginia. It’s a quiet, serene place that belies what happened there. As a former CW reenactor who lives on the West Coast our trips to some of the Civil War battlefields were very moving for me. Before hanging up my carbine and sabre and retiring from “Mr. Lincoln’s Army” I was fortunate enough to take part in the 135th Gettysburg reenactment.

    • Spotsylvania, perhaps more than any battlefield I have visited, is definitely haunting. I actually wrote an article about it awhile back if you are interested: https://mb-henry.com/2017/09/05/the-bloody-angle/. And how cool about re-enacting! I always have a ton of respect for people who do that. I was invited to try it once at a reenactment here, and it was a powerful experience. Thanks so much for sharing about it here!

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