24 Comments on “Poppies: Super Bloom

    • You’re right -it was very quick. In fact, I think they are already mostly done. I’m glad we saw them when we did, as it seemed to be at its peak! 🙂

    • It was so awesome! I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing half the time

    • Right? It was incredible! Wish it would have stuck around longer

  1. These are gorgeous photos, MB.Were these shot this year? I shot the super bloom at Antelope Valley two years ago and these look much fuller…or even more super! 😁

    • I’m so glad you like them! Yes – these were shot this year. We also were there two years ago, there was another big bloom going on then, but I agree with you, this year’s topped it a little! I actually have a photo that I took in the exact same spot this year that I did two years ago, and the difference was pretty amazing.

    • Why thank you! We were pretty blown away with the bloom this year

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