Poppies: Super Bloom

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    • You’re right -it was very quick. In fact, I think they are already mostly done. I’m glad we saw them when we did, as it seemed to be at its peak! 🙂

    • It was so awesome! I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing half the time

    • Right? It was incredible! Wish it would have stuck around longer

  1. These are gorgeous photos, MB.Were these shot this year? I shot the super bloom at Antelope Valley two years ago and these look much fuller…or even more super! 😁

    • I’m so glad you like them! Yes – these were shot this year. We also were there two years ago, there was another big bloom going on then, but I agree with you, this year’s topped it a little! I actually have a photo that I took in the exact same spot this year that I did two years ago, and the difference was pretty amazing.

    • Why thank you! We were pretty blown away with the bloom this year

    • Those pictures are still great! The super bloom itself lasted only a few weeks – the same thing happened to me in 2017. There was a big bloom (nothing like 2019 but still cool) but by the time we finally made it up there to see it, it had already peaked and there wasn’t much left! So glad you liked the pictures and thanks for sharing yours.

      • It was an amazing year. Unfortunately super blooms, super rainfall is always followed by super fires. That was one of the reasons we left.

      • Yes you are right. 2019 and 2020 were both absolutely dreadful fire years.

      • I lever there 35 years, and it was like that after every good rainfall year. I wish CA was better at managing their forests.

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