Switzerland Photos

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    • I have seen some beautiful places… this might have topped them all. What pushed it to the top spot was the cowbells, which I unfortunately can’t display in the picture 🙁 But cowbells echoed all over those mountains and the lake from the nearby grazing herds. It sounded like a chorus of chimes or something and it was beautiful!

      • I wish I could post the video here. I will have to try to figure out how to do that, because I did take a few seconds of video of it!

    • That is actually a fantastic question! I had on some pretty serious all-terrain and all-weather hiking shoes (by Merrell) for that entire hike and I was glad I had them. The actual ice-cave part of the hike was quite short (but cold!) but it’s at the very top of the alps – so I would recommend something water proof and comfortable for strenuous walking.

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