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  1. What?! No selfie with a bison (just kidding). Yellowstone is probably my favorite place on Earth. At 66 I’m hoping to squeeze on more trip in. One of my biggest regrets is that I never brought my kids there and I still kick myself for that.

    • Ha! Yeah I wouldn’t want to get close enough to those big guys for a selfie! Although I’m sure people have tried it. My husband and I were absolutely amazed, we would love to go back again someday too. Even spending a good few days we feel like we only scratched the surface!

      • Scratched the surface says it. I’ve been maybe 5 times and I too have only seen a fraction of what’s there. I’d love to camp but would REALLY like to see it in winter.

      • Oh my gosh, they had some amazing pictures around of what it looks like in the winter. That would be incredible!

  2. One of my most favorite National Parks! We are blessed to have such beauty in this country! Great shots!

  3. Yellowstone is a favorite park of ours as well. I enjoyed seeing your photos of her stunning natural beauty and geothermal displays…thanks for sharing!

    • So glad you enjoyed them! We were pretty blown away by that place – a truly wonderful park.

  4. I loved seeing all your great photos! It was like being there all over again! I swear we saw all the same places. Did you stay in West Yellowstone?

    • We stayed in a campground about a half hour outside West Yellowstone, but we drove through the town daily. It made for a lot of extra driving for us, but the quiet and isolation of our campground was worth it, especially since we only shared it with two or three other campers! How about you? Did you camp inside the park or elsewhere?

      • Some of the cabins around there looked just lovely! I bet that was a wonderful time for sure

    • Anytime! Thanks so much for taking a look at them and for all your nice compliments! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for visiting all my photos and sharing your thoughts 🙂 We had a wonderful time at Yellowstone, hope to go sometime again soon.

      • I love all Your photos!:-))) Maybe next year I will be in Yellowstone;)) Greetings from Poland!

  5. This is a bucket list trip for us. My wife and I MUST go to Yellowstone sometimes before we…ahem….you know

    • I highly recommend it! It’s a park you could spend days in and still not see everything

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